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Warren - Statistics

Warren loves to travel and at the moment is traveling around the northern parts of Australia. He loves the wide open space that Australia has to offer and said it is the best place to live and travel. He describes his approach to life as “WILD”, which we thought was very interesting so we had to test it further

After the beach shoot we went back to the hotel room and he slipped out of his shorts. As soon as he touched his cock it sprung up and was ready to go. Warren got really into the shoot when we told him he had a big cock. He told us that his fantasy is to have sex with 2 girls, having 1 of them with a strap on and fuck him while he is fucking the other girl.

Star Sign : Aries Favorite Sports : Soccer, Basketball, Wakeboard, Snowboarding
Age : 22 Favorite Movie : n/a
Height : 6' 1 Favorite TV Show : Simpsons
Weight : 173lbs Favorite Music : n/a
Hair Color : Brown Favorite Band/Artist : n/a
Eye Color : Hazel Favorite Color : Green/Blue
Body Type : Toned Favorite Destination : England or South Africa
Smooth/Hairy : Smooth Why? : Family / Outdoors



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