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Simon - Statistics

Check out this hot little twink, Simon enjoys playing soccer and loves to go diving on the Great Barrier Reef. He has a positive attitude towards life and spends his weekends fishing and partying with his mates.

Simon was very embarrassed about getting his gear off in front of me but he was really enjoy the lesbian porn dvd. He didnít want to do any of the hotter shots but he was comfortable to do nude art shots. I didnít mind as this twink was too hot, I just had to shoot him.

Star Sign : Libra Favorite Sports : Soocer & AFL
Age : 19 Favorite Movie : Green Mile
Height : 6' 3" Favorite TV Show : Rex Hunt
Weight : 169lbs Favorite Music : n/a
Hair Color : Brown Favorite Band/Artist : n/a
Eye Color : Hazel Favorite Color : Blue
Body Type : Toned Favorite Destination : South America
Smooth/Hairy : Smooth Why? : Far Away



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