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Sam - Statistics

Sam is a country boy originally from New Zealand. He grew up on a large farm but moved to Australia to get amongst the action of larger cities. He enjoys meeting new people and would one day love to fly a jet plane.

Being from a quiet town and living on a farm Sam was really excited that I wanted to photograph him. Even though he was a bit shy he said it was easy money as he was used to working hard back home for a small wage. Out came the Milking Machine and he was pumping his cock into it in no time.

Star Sign : Virgo Favorite Sports : Rugby, Tennis, Skiing
Age : 21 Favorite Movie : n/a
Height : 6' 2" Favorite TV Show : Top Gear
Weight : 171lbs Favorite Music : Anything
Hair Color : Brown Favorite Band/Artist : System of a Down
Eye Color : Green Favorite Color : Green
Body Type : Toned Favorite Destination : England
Smooth/Hairy : Hairy Why? : Awesome Place



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