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Ivan - Statistics

Ivan - From Russia with love. Ivan came to Australia when he was 15, 3 years ago. Originally settling in Perth Western Australia but soon moved to the Northern Part of Australia. +44C took a long time to get usto after 44C in Russia Ivan said. He soon picked up English. He works in a workshop and loves graphic art. He plays Rugby, Soccer and Ice Hockey. He loves to go out to his local nightclub and dance all night, he told us. Ivan's brilliant blue eyes, high cheekbones and great jaw line make him a natural model.

Star Sign : Libra Favorite Sports : Soccer, Rugby & Ice Hockey
Age : 18 Favorite Movie : Gladiator
Height : 5' 11" Favorite TV Show : Funniest Home Video
Weight : 152lbs Favorite Music : Rap
Hair Color : Dark Blond Favorite Band/Artist : Eminem / D-12
Eye Color : Blue Favorite Color : Yellow
Body Type : Well Developed Favorite Destination : Bali or Thailand
Smooth/Hairy : Smooth Why? : For the Beaches



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